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Psychedelic VFX

This is my main focus and passion. I'm recreating altered states of consciosness focusing specifically on accuracy, for educational and entartainment purposes.

Projection mapping

Want to make your inanimate object come to life? Let me know.


Turning up the bpm at Psychedelic events since 2015. See showcase session for example sets or visit my Mixcloud page for a deeper listen.


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"It's all about the Perspective"

Hi! My name is Raimonds, I'm also known as StingrayZ over at reddit, and ever since I remember myself I've been consumed by the concept of our perception. It fascinates me, how we perceive world around us, and many different ways we can tune our perception - meditation, dreaming, sleep deprivation, mind altering substances, breathing techiques etc. I got so captivated by this idea, that I started replicating these altered states (it's all subjective, and we all know that), so people could catch a glimpse at how it's like to perceive the World through different eyes.

VICE Nederland article (Some translation might be needed here)

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Never-ending animations published


Audio/Visual replications created


Collaboration Projects finished


and more times someones mind got blown.

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